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Stub & Agricultural Axles Used by Australia's leading OEMs

Our OTR Australia axle products have become the axles of choice for some of the country’s leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
  • Supplying mining, agricultural, construction, infrastructure, forestry, and industrial clients
  • Specialising in the agricultural marketplace, a national supplier to OEM’s and aftermarket parts
  • Experienced in manufacturing and designing quality controlled and endorsed products

Stub & Agricultural Axles

We carry a complete axle assembly and spare parts range, including stub axles, full axles, and self-steering suspension axles. Our team at OTR Australia supplies mining, agricultural, construction, infrastructure, forestry and industrial clients with axles that meet their specific needs and applications. We are specialists in agricultural axles and wheels, a national supplier to OEMs and aftermarket parts. In addition to axle fabrication, we are experienced in manufacturing and designing quality controlled and endorsed products.

Quality Axle Fabrication

Our stub and agricultural axles are locally manufactured and range in capacity from 500kg to 20,000kg. They are designed with longevity in mind, including triple lip seals and solid bolt on dust caps. Our axel fabrication involves the best BlueScope steel products. Heavy duty parts and components are developed to maximise the uptime of your work fleet. We supply the highest quality, innovative axel fabrication tailored to the specific requirements of your machinery. Our Australia-wide service centres, including our comprehensive on-site capabilities, provide total product support.

Comprehensive Servicing Australia-Wide

All OTR maintenance, repair and replacement services are carried out by highly trained staff using the latest diagnostic tools. Our work is guaranteed to meet the highest Australian standards and is backed by OTR’s comprehensive global technical and logistical facilities. For added peace of mind, OTR offers an extensive warranty on parts and services. So, by choosing OTR stub and agricultural axles, your vehicles will spend more time at work and less time in the workshop, not to mention be safer for your operators.

In addition to agricultural axles and wheels, our full agricultural range can be viewed in our Agricultural Catalogue.

Stub & Agricultural Axle Products

Stub Axles

Braked Stub Axles

These stub axles are designed for agricultural applications. Just like a full axle, a braked stub axle comes with a drum brake attached to the hub, where the backing plate that supports the brake shoes is welded to the axle. The brakes are operated by a cam lever (sometimes referred to as an S-Cam), which is mechanical and can be operated by cable, air or hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders are most common, as they can be operated by the tractor’s hydraulics.

Capacities for this stub axle range from 3 tonne / axle to 30 tonne / axle. The maximum speed that can be reached is 30 km/hr, and brake drum sizes range from 250mm x 40mm to 406mm x 120 mm. Hydraulic cylinders to operate the brake are also available.

Double Sided Stub Axles

This stub axle assembly was designed for a castor wheel, where the stub axle protrudes on both sides of the hub. Mounting is done by an arm on both sides of the wheel (also referred to as a yoke). The capacities range from 500 kg to 7,000 kg each and 5 stud hubs to 10 stud hubs on 335 PCD.

Spider Stub Axles

These stub axles come in one size, with a 100mm square shaft and 5 spike spider type hub. They are designed to use demountable 20” and 22.5” truck wheels with a 28-degree mounting flange. The spider stub axle assembly will only accept dual wheels, and capacity per assembly is 6,000 kg or 12,000 kg for a full axle.

Steering Stub Axles

These are short stub or full length axles complete with hub, including a vertical shaft (known as a King Pin) that allows the hub to pivot. Used for changing direction (steering), these stub axles are available in 5 on 140 PCD hubs and 6 on 205 PCD hubs. Capacities range from 3 tonne to 7 tonne / PR.

Stub Axles

Stub axles are manufactured using a round or square shaft (usually short) with hubs designed to suit your application. The hubs have high speed tapered roller bearings. Our standard range is to European specifications; however, some specials can be manufactured. 1,600 kg capacity and above have triple lipped seals bolted on caps with grease nipples. Stub axles are usually used where an extra long axle is required by placing a beam between them. Shaft sizes are from 39 to 150 (round shaft) and 40 to 100 (square shaft). Capacities range from 500 kg to 20,000 kg.

Full Axles

Full Axles

Full axles are manufactured using a round or square shaft with hubs designed to suit your application. The hubs have high speed tapered roller bearings. Most of our axles are manufactured to European specifications, i.e. 5 on 140 PCD, 6 on 205 PCD, 8 on 275 PCD, and 10 on 335 PCD. However, specials can be accommodated. 3,000 kg and above have triple lipped seals and bolt on caps. Shaft sizes range from 39 to 150 (round shaft) and 40 to 100 (square shaft), and capacities range from 1,000 kg to 40,000 kg. The axle lengths, face to face of the hubs, are up to 5,000 mm long.

Steering Full Axles

A steering full axle is a short stub or full length axle that comes complete with a hub, including a vertical shaft (known as a King Pin), which allows the hub to pivot. These axles are used for changing direction (steering).

Steering full axles are available in 5 on 140 PCD hubs, 6 on 205 PCD hubs and 8 on 275 PCD hubs. They have a capacity to accommodate up to 7 tonnes as required. Self steering full axles are available in 10 on 335 PCD hubs, with a capacity up to 24 tonnes and length of 3 metres.

Self Steering Suspension

24, 30 and 40 Tonne Balanced Steering Suspension

The new 24 and 40 tonne self-steering suspension axles feature a wheelbase of 2,000mm, which will accommodate a range of wheel and tyre assemblies. The walking beam type suspension is ideal to distribute the load evenly, while the self-steering on the rear tyres offers great stability and manoeuvrability. Double action hydraulic cylinders are used to lock out for reversing, and the mounting channel is easily adapted to any chassis. Mechanical drum brakes can be added as an option.

OTR Australia – Manufacturer and Distributor of the World’s Toughest Wheel and Tyre Axles

We provide complete axle assemblies and a broad spare parts range. We’re the specialists in the agricultural marketplace, as well as a national supplier of OEMs and aftermarket parts. As experienced manufacturers and designers of quality controlled, endorsed products, we’re able to tailor stub axle and agricultural axle and wheel capabilities to suit any need.

The Benefits of Choosing OTR Wheel Axles

  • Australian manufacturing to suit your performance priorities
  • Capacities of 500 kg to 20,000 kg at 25 kph
  • Superior quality with reduced maintenance and higher safety margins
  • Heavy duty designs with increased service life and proven reliability
  • Design flexibility with custom designs and small runs
  • Bolt on dust caps providing superior protection against the Australian environment
  • Triple lip seals that ensure longer service life and easy maintenance


Find out more about our full & stub axles today

OTR are Australia’s trusted supplier of stub axles and agricultural axles and wheels. You can rely on our quality axel fabrication. For more information on how we can provide your stub axle, full axle or self steering suspension solution, contact us today on 1300 791 672 for a chat or quote.