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Wheel Manufacturers Australia

OTR is the market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of wheels for the agricultural, construction, and mining industry. OTR's range of wheels includes earthmover wheels and rims, truck wheels, construction wheels and more.
  • Supplying the world's most respected original equipment manufactures
  • World-class manufacturer dedicated to quality and innovation
  • leader in the design, development, and manufacture of wheels

Custom Made Wheels Australia

The custom wheels that we manufacture supply the world’s most respected original equipment manufacturers, including Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu and Liebherr, we are renowned for our quality, expertise, service and delivery of custom made wheels.

Working strategically with our customers, OTR has created an international reputation for enhancing the quality of the current wheel and rim designs whilst researching new technology to drive product development.

OTR is a world class manufacturer dedicated to quality and innovation.

Agricultural Wheels

As the leading Australian agricultural wheel manufacturer for all agricultural machinery, OTR agricultural wheel series is extensive and includes:

  • Manually Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Power Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Fixed Disc Wheels
  • Row-Crop and Narrow Wheels
  • High Speed
  • King Track Duals

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OTR is the leading manufacturer of high speed wheels for agricultural tractors. Our recent adjustable “Waffle” Wheel and the successful Fixed Wheel range have been designed for tractors speeds above 40 kph, including for 65 kph vehicles to satisfy the ever increasing speed requirements of the Australian market. The adjustable “waffle” wheels are unique in being able to provide customers with high speed performance with the ability to change vehicle track settings.

As the needs of the Australian tractor market grow more sophisticated every day, so does the technology of the components. The redesign of tractor drivelines and axles to compensate for these higher speeds has impacted wheel and tyre assembly. In response, OTR has developed the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that the optimum “round” wheel is created and these high-speed wheels are uniquely designed to be used comfortably both on and off the highway.

Dual wheels on tractors are now an accepted way of improving the drawbar output of tractors, providing extra traction without compaction giving valuable flotation in wet conditions.

Most kits are sold matching the same size as the inner tyre however thinner sizes and step downsizes are also options. Duals are easily fitted to all tractors by means of over centre clamps, a spacer barrel
maintains the tyre centres, the over centre clamp hooks onto the power rail and a threaded rod with hook is used to adjust the tension on each clamp. The number of clamps is determined by the wheel diameter ie: 34” upward would be 6 clamps per wheel.

King track duals are not recommended over 400 HP.

Adjustable and Fixed Wheels were designed for tractors to raise the height to clear the various crops. Sometimes referred to as High Clearance Wheels, these wheels are usually narrow in width, to enable the wheel to fit down between the rows to eliminate crop damage.

There are 2 types:


This enables the tractor to be used for different track spacings eg: if the lug on the rim is 2” wide then 4” increments on track can be achieved allowing 4 different widths ie: 64”, 68”, 72”, 76”.  Diameters: 20” to 54”. Adjustable wheels are not recommended on high speed tractors.

Fixed Wheels

A much cheaper option than above for farmers that don’t require different track widths. Diameters: 16” to 54”.

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Construction Wheels

OTR Australia are leading manufacturers of construction wheels in Australia. Our range of construction wheels includes industrial and port wheels, mobile crane wheels, bulk haulage wheels and custom designed construction wheels. Our construction wheels are engineered to last using the best manufacturing techniques and the most durable materials on the market.

You can find out more about our range of construction wheels below.

Industrial and Port Wheels

Industrial and port wheels need to be able to function in unique and challenging environments, straddle carriers, forklifts and reach stackers carry huge axle loads through tight operating environments, OTR industrial and port wheels are engineered to meet this and exceed these challenging requirements. To provide you with the industrial and port wheels possible, our team of specialists will work and get to know you and how you use your machinery.   

Mobile Crane Wheels

A mobile crane must be able to traverse a multitude of terrains, performing as well on the highway as in open-country. With ever increasing demands for higher vehicle speeds and heavier loads, OTR’s crane wheels are specifically designed to meet and exceed these exacting requirements.

Bulk Haulage Wheels

Bulk haulage is an operation with a reputation for pushing the limits! Increasing payloads, cycle lengths and travel speeds push bulk haulage wheels to the limit and beyond. OTR’s specialty bulk haulage wheels are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry and are specifically designed to meet and exceed these exacting requirements.

Custom Designed and Engineered Construction Wheels

OTR prides itself on having the engineering experience and expertise to design and engineer construction wheels to suit almost any application, whether it’s a solid wheel and tyre assembly for a mobile stacker or an ultra high capacity wheel hub and stub axle for a 2000t an oil and gas exploitation drill rig OTR’s custom made wheel solutions are making the impossible possible.

Mining Wheels

OTR Australia are leading manufacturers of quality mining wheels and accessories. At OTR Australia, we understand that mining wheels must be engineered to last and to handle the harsh testing environments of diverse mine sites and operations. Our mining wheels are specifically built with this in mind.

Our range of mining wheels that we manufacture includes underground and surface mining wheels, ILR, DLR, OVMs, SVMs, Double Gutter and specialised loader wheels.

Surface Mining

OTR’s XT range of surface mining wheels are manufactured with fully machined back and front sections and heavy-duty bead seat band and side rings. The XT Series has been extended to include a variety of designs available in numerous sizes for disc wheel and demountable applications.

Quick Change – Outside Vertical Mount (OVM)

Available in 51”, 57” and ultra-class 63” sizes, the revolutionary patented OVM® was the first vertical mount outer dual wheel ever designed and eliminates the need to remove wheel bases from hubs during tyre changes. he OVM® is also the first wheel in the large earthmover class to feature specific heat treatment of HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel, heavy duty, fully machined bead-seat band and side rings and full machining on all surfaces of the wheel base to achieve maximum life, performance, air retention and ergonomic efficiencies. Since introducing OVM® wheels, mine sites have recorded 50% to 60% savings in downtime and maintenance costs and commensurately increased safety margins. Watch our OVM Demonstration Video

Six Piece Vertical Mount (SVM) Wheels

Available in 51”, 57” and ultra-class 63” sizes, and designed to complement the OVM® in dual applications. Utilising HSLA steel to maximise fatigue life, the SVM® wheel features a modified back section including an integrated lock-ring and o-ring groove to accommodate the addition of a second bead-seat band. This feature eliminates the high-risk practice of breaking the rear bead in confined spaces using hydraulic rams.

The combination of materials and manufacturing process for the OVM® and SVM® wheels has dramatically increased the mining industry’s longevity benchmark for heavy-duty truck rims.


Watch our SVM Demonstration Video

Double Gutter (D/G) Wheel

OTR Australia’s range of double gutter wheels are available in 51”, 57” and ultra-class 63” sizes, Double Gutter wheels eliminate the need to remove wheel bases from hubs during tyre changes. Manufactured from the HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel, with a fully machined bead-seat band, heavy-duty side rings and full machining on all surfaces of the wheel base providing maximum life, performance, air retention and ergonomic efficiencies.

Specialised Loader Wheels

Designed to minimise downtime and maximise productivity for larger wheel loaders the Vertical Mount Loader (VML) is designed to drastically reduce the time required to change loader tyres. Similar to the SVM, the VML wheel compliments the tyres with dual bead seat band design eliminating the practice of breaking the rear bead in confined spaces using hydraulic rams. This feature combined with the OTR fitting stand components are pre-seated into the tyres minimising the time the loader is on the pad and not in production.

Underground Mining Wheels

Underground mining is definitely a unique and testing environment where harsh conditions are an understatement. From 20” Drills to 33” LHD and ATD, OTR manufactures a full range of underground mining wheels that you can trust. Our underground mining wheels are engineered to perform and built to last in Australian conditions.



Rim Stands

Features & Benefits

The Rim Stand is designed to allow components to be seated in the tyres, ready for scheduled tyre changes. It increases safety during tyre changes on large mining trucks and enhances the benefits gained when using the OVM® and SVM® wheels on mining trucks.

Component Seating
The Rim Stand is a rim base attached in a horizontal position to an elevated stand and secured to a workshop floor or tyre fitting area. It gives tyre fitters the ability to mount and seat components in the workshop. Doing this allows the production vehicle to continue operation while tyres are prepared for scheduled fitment.

Added Benefits
Tyre fitters are less exposed to the prolonged routine procedures of removing and installing heavy earthmover wheels. For example – extended use of impact guns.

Reduction in Downtime
Because the tyre is seated with the components and ready for fitment to the Rim Base, the tyre and all associated components can be fitted as one unit when the tyre change is carried out on a truck.

The Rim Stand is available from OTR Wheels and can be supplied to suit OVM® or SVM® Wheels as well as conventional wheels.

OTR Pro-Life

OTR PRO-LIFE is a cost-effective environmentally safe corrosion inhibitor for in-service heavy machinery which has been specially formulated to protect steel wheels when added to the tyre air chamber and to provide puncture indication for tubeless tyres. 

OTR PRO-LIFE stops rust deterioration in steel wheels caused by oxidation.

OTR PRO-LIFE is a ready to use, non-hazardous, engineered multi-functional formula that provides unprecedented penetration, lubrication and corrosion protection to steel wheels as well as incorporating a puncture indicator for tubeless tyres.  

OTR PRO-LIFE contains no heavy metals, glycol or phosphates.

OTR PRO-LIFE eliminates the need for additional specialist coatings for rims and beads.

OTR PRO-LIFE is oxidatively stable at elevated temperatures normally associated with mining environments, providing effective rust protection from the time the wheel is treated until it is dismounted.

OTR PRO-LIFE will increase the potential service life of wheels and reduce costs associated with tyre demounting.

Wheel and Tyre Assemblies

OTR Australia has over 50 years of wheel manufacturing experience in “Off the Road” wheels. Since our commencement into tyres in 2004, we have evolved into the leading supplier of Tyre Wheel Assemblies (TWA’s) in Australia to both local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) throughout Australia and aftermarket. Through local knowledge and experience, we can manufacture TWAs to suit all the needs of today’s market.


The world’s leading OEMs depend on OTR's global network, renowned quality craftsmanship, unique tread designs and excellent durability for all types of off-highway applications. In addition to our OEM customers, OTR is the only major manufacturer that focuses on off-highway tyre production and our manufacturing capability is highly diversified. Our plants are equipped to produce agricultural wheels from 8” to 54” in wheel diameter.