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Innovative AG wheels and axles for your agricultural equipment

As the leading manufacturer of agricultural wheels and machinery in Australia, our series includes:

  • Manually Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Power Adjustable Track Wheels
  • Fixed Disc Wheels
  • Row-Crop and Narrow Wheels
  • High Speed
  • King Track Duals

Agricultural (Ag) Wheels

OTR’s recent adjustable “Waffle” Wheel and the successful Fixed Wheel range have both been designed for tractors that travel at speeds above 40 kph, as well as ag vehicles that travel at 65 kph to satisfy the increasing speed requirements of the Australian agricultural market. The adjustable “Waffle” wheels are unique in being able to provide customers with high-speed performance to go with the ability to change vehicle track settings.

As the needs of the Australian tractor market grow more sophisticated every day, so does the technology of the components of agricultural wheels. The redesign of tractor drivelines and agricultural axles to compensate for these higher speeds has impacted agricultural wheel assembly. In response, OTR has developed the most advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that the optimum “round” wheel is created, and these high-speed wheels are uniquely designed to be used comfortably both on and off the highway and in a range of agricultural applications.

Dual Agricultural Wheels

Dual wheels on tractors are now an accepted way of improving the drawbar output of tractors, providing extra traction without compaction, giving valuable flotation in wet conditions.

Most kits are sold matching the same size as the inner tyre. However, thinner sizes and step-down sizes are also options. Duals are easily fitted to all tractors using over centre clamps, a spacer barrel maintaining the tyre centres, the over centre clamp hooking onto the power rail, and a threaded rod with a hook is used to adjust the tension on each clamp. The number of clamps is determined by the wheel diameter. For example, 34” upward would be 6 clamps per wheel.

King track duals are not recommended to exceed 400 HP. Adjustable and Fixed Wheels were designed for tractors to raise the height to clear the various crops. Sometimes referred to as High Clearance Wheels, these wheels are usually narrow in width, allowing the wheel to fit down between the rows to eliminate crop damage.

There are 2 types of agricultural wheels:

Adjustable Agricultural Wheels

Adjustable agricultural wheels enable the tractor to be used for different track spacings. For example, if the lug on the rim is 2” wide then 4” increments on track can be achieved, allowing 4 different widths ie: 64”, 68”, 72”, 76”. Adjustable wheels are recommended for tractors that have the capacity to fit wheels that have diameters between 20” to 54”, but they aren’t recommended on high-speed tractors.

Fixed Agricultural Wheels

A much cheaper option than above for farmers that don’t require different track widths. Fixed wheels are ideal for tractors that can fit wheels between 16” and 54” in diameter.

Find out more about our agricultural wheels today

To find out more about OTR Australia’s range of agricultural wheels and axles for sale or to speak with our team about how we can supply agricultural wheels Australia-wide, contact us today on 1300 791 672 for a quote.