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Specialising in aftermarket tractor wheels

At OTR Australia, we specialise in providing aftermarket tractor wheels and tractor dual hubs for our agricultural clients.

  • Leading manufacturer in Australia for adjustable “Waffle” Wheels
  • Leading manufacturer in Australia for Fixed Wheels
  • Designed to maintain excellent traction and perform in all types of conditions.

Tractor Wheels

At OTR Australia, we are the leading manufacturer in Australia for adjustable “Waffle” Wheels, as well as the Fixed Wheels range, which have been designed for tractors that travel at speeds above 40kph. The tractor wheels and tyres we manufacture and have for sale are designed to meet the increasing speeds of the tractor market in Australia. We’re always looking at different ways to design our wheels, so our clients have the peace of mind knowing they’re using the safest and best products on the market.

Our tractor wheels are made in different shapes and sizes, meaning there is sure to be a type of wheel that suits the needs of your machinery. All of our aftermarket tractor wheels are designed to maintain excellent traction and perform in all types of conditions.


Tractor Dual Hubs

As well as manufacturing tractor wheels, we can also supply you with dual hubs in different sizes. We can provide you with the advice you need to ensure you get a dual hub that’s just right for your machinery. For the best solutions regarding tractor dual hubs, get in touch with our team by calling us on 1300 791 672.

Comprehensive Tractor Wheel Services

We also offer comprehensive Wheel Services at OTR Australia as well. Once you’ve purchased the wheels you need, we can complete an examination of the components of the wheel rim, as well as visually examine the tyre/rim assembly on your tractor. If necessary, we will repair any fractures there may be if it’s safe and applicable to do so, as well as repaint your wheel to prevent it from corroding.

Get in touch with our tractor wheel specialists today

If you’re looking for high-quality tractor wheels for sale in Australia, trust OTR to deliver a reliable and durable solution that can withstand rigorous conditions. To find the best tractor wheel and dual hub solution for you, speak to our team at OTR Australia today to see how we can help.